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Since its establishment in the UK in 1923, and commencement of manufacturing in Suider-Paarl, Satchwell has acquired a national and international reputation for quality air and water elements and controls.

satchwell logoToday, Satchwell Controls is recognised as the leading temperature control and heating element manufacturer in SA, with almost 60 years of experience in the design and manufacturing of sheathed heating elements and appliance controls.

Our product portfolio covers components for the Domestic Appliance- and Building and Industrial sectors. Our continued focus is directed towards customer satisfaction, innovative engineering solutions and technical expertise.

Our three major manufacturing and distribution facilities have strategic geographic and product focuses and are situated within minutes of South Africa’s largest sea, road and airfreight terminals.

Our modern plant, with total vertical integration and high level of advanced technology, gives us a competitive edge and with six decades of manufacturing and trading experience, Appliance Components enjoys an enviable position for quality and service.

Appliance Components trades within the competitive global market and employs over 500 employees to manufacture high quality SABS approved Satchwell elements and controls.

However, where the market demands a low-priced alternative, Appliance Components imports a quality Heatwave product, supplied by carefully selected and contracted manufacturers under stringent quality assurance via our Satchwell-China office.